Virtual Nutrition Support:

Treat Nutrition Services can take your wellness plan to the next level by targeting specific medical conditions, general fitness, mental health and lifestyle habits. Via convenient online consultations, our experienced nutritionist will take time to understand your personal goals and priorities, before collaborating with you to design a realistic and delicious eating plan that makes sense for you.

Meet Our Nutritionist: Jill Brook, MA

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Since earning her degrees from Princeton and UCLA, Jill Brook, M.A., has spent the last twenty years helping thousands of clients reach their goals. Many top universities and corporations have hired her to provide nutritional education and coaching for their personnel. In addition to publishing numerous research articles, Jill has written 3 books, appeared in Disney’s Nutrition 101 with Jill Brook, and has educated and trained nutrition counselors across America and India.  She has presented at medical conferences throughout the US and Europe, focusing on digestive health and eating to harness the power of the human microbiome. As a nutrition and research advisor to several patient advocacy groups, she recognizes that knowinghow to eat right is usually the easy part and doingit is the hard part; she’s ready to help with either or both.  

But perhaps Jill’s greatest strength is her kindness and warmth. Since overcoming her own significant medical challenges, her compassion and commitment to her clients has only deepened. She believes that understanding the science behind good nutrition is essential for health, but just as important is establishing a relationship based on trust and genuine caring. She is the expert who cares for her clients like family.


One-time consultation (60-90 minutes, includes optional review of records sent ahead of time):$125

30-minute follow-up:$60

Month of ongoing support, with 20-minute follow-ups as needed (up to 3 per week, after initial consultation):$350

Nutritional approaches are helpful for:

·     Acne

·     Allergies and intolerances

·     Asthma

·     Attention and concentration

·     Athletic performance

·     Autoimmune conditions

·     Blood sugar

·     Blood pressure

·     Cholesterol

·     Fertility

·     Food allergies or intolerances


·     General wellness, prevention, anti-aging

·     Gout

·     IBS

·     Indigestion or GERD

·     Inflammatory bowel disorders

·     Migraine headaches

·     Mood, anxiety, depression

·     Sleeping better

·     Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO)

·     Weight gain or loss

·     And many more.