What makes us different.


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Our sign says it all!

Immediately upon entering our clinics, you’ll notice that the usual walls separating you from your care team are gone. This is because every team member is empowered to greet you and initiate care. No more filling out endless forms. No more waiting in dreary rooms, wondering when your name will be called. Using our secure app, you can book an in-person appointment, or resolve your issues with the convenience of a virtual visit. Or just walk in and we’ll take it from there. 


Where we are, you're already going! 

At Treat, we're dedicated to serving the community by providing quality health care services right in your neighborhood. Our comfortable state of the art clinic is conveniently located in the vibrant hub of Echo park on Sunset and Alvarado near shops and restaurants. Free parking is adjacent.

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Carbon Health App  

It's easy to book an appointment, interact with your healthcare team, and follow your treatment plan when using Carbon Health, the world's smartest healthcare network and communication platform. This simple and seamless delivery system will ensure that your healthcare journey with Treat is an effective and enjoyable one.  

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Holistic and Patient Centered

Technical innovation in healthcare is important, but at Treat we also believe in a human caring approach to medicine which considers the whole person, their individual wellness goals, and the unique circumstances that impact their health. Establishing a trusting relationship with our patients is at the heart of everything we do.